Electromagnetic flow meters


Measuring flow with electromagnetic flow meters

Another name for this technology is, magnetically inductive flow meter, also called MAG meter, EMF meter or MID meter. Great advantage of these meters is no obstruction in the pipe, can work with high pressures and temperatures and with high accuracy.

There are different versions for the different applications:

May be meter M1000

The ModMAG® M1000 electromagnetic flow meter is designed for more general applications such as in machinery, vehicles and batch processes. The application range varies from DN 6 to DN 500 with most different process connections such as DIN flanges, dairy line connections, TriClamp®, etc.

May meter M2000

The ModMAG® M2000 amplifier type is best suited for bi-directional flow measurement of liquids with a conductivity> 5 μS / cm (> 20 μS / cm for demineralised water). The ModMAG® M2000 has high accuracy and is easy to use. The four-line display shows all required data such as current flow, totalizer.

Mag meter M3000 M4000

The new electromagnetic flow meter with modular design allows flow measurements in the ATEX zones 1 and 2, both in the mounted and the external version. The enclosure of the amplifier, made of powder-coated aluminum, is available in protection class IP 67. Programming can be done with the enclosure closed via three buttons.

May meter M5000

The B-MAG | M5000 is a battery-powered electromagnetic flow meter with very high accuracy, even at very low flow rates. The excellent repeatability and the above-average battery life make this innovative water meter indispensable for the water market. Typical applications are leak detection in water networks, measurements of water consumption and irrigation installations. The meter is best suited for applications without a power supply where exact consumption or flow rates are required.



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