Fluxus WD-serie


The WD series is among the most reliable and accurate ultrasonic
clamp-on measuring systems. Moreover, it is suitable for low flow rates of up to 0.01 m / s. The inaccuracy of other measurement technologies can increase so drastically at low current ranges that they are not suitable for monitoring minimum flow at night. For water suppliers, accurate measurement of minimum night flow is an important part of their leakage detection activities. The WD series is the ideal device for this task thanks to the unique combination of piezo-sensor pairs and advanced factory calibration, a zero-point gradient correction is not necessary because there is simply no gradient.
With the WD series, it is also possible to monitor the temperature of the medium and the growth in the pipe.

When installing a new measurement, the most important costs are not incurred by purchasing equipment, but by installation work (process interruption, cutting and flushing of the pipes, etc.). These costs are considerably reduced with the clamp-on technology of the WD-series, whereby it is not necessary to interrupt the process.
This ensures a very reliable and cost-saving installation
from your measuring point.

FLEXIM supplies the WD series with the most robust suspension system
that is available. The sensors are mounted on the pipe with
wide stainless steel bands and secured in robust stainless steel casings. The sensors themselves have IP68 protection and enhanced
transducer cables. Another unique feature of FLEXIM is that the sensors are connected using durable coupling pads instead
of coupling gel that can wear or wash away. All this guarantees the
system durability and makes it both suitable for
installation indoors and in buried facilities where the pipework is not a challenge. Whether it is steel, concrete or perhaps PCCP (bona), this is all possible.



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