High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridge


The MaxFlow our High Flow Absolute Pleated Filter Cartridge is designed to allow a high contaminant holding capacity at high flow rates. Due to the polypropylene and borosilicate glassfiber material, our high flow filter cartridge provides the unique combination of high flow rate, increased surface area, high dirt holding capacity, low pressure drop and a wide range of filter ratings (0,5 – 100 micron). The High Flow absolute pleated filters achieves Efficiency rating levels of at least 99.98% (beta 5000). The unique layered construction combined with the rigid case construction provides a high strength.
We also offer other types of High Flow filter elements in various lengths van 20, 40 and 60 inch. They are available in different connections; 226 o-ring, 338 o-ring with bayonet, 435 o-ring, single open end (with internal o-ring). All connections of all High Flow Filter Cartridges are thermally bonded, this allows operations at higher temperatures and higher pressures. The High Flow Filter cartridges are compatible with most fluids, solvents, alkali and other chemicals in the industry thanks to the material of the cartridges, pure PP or glassfilled PP caps and core.
Other Benefits of our High Flow Filter Cartridge include:
Nominal or Absolute rating of Beta 5000 (99,98% efficiency)
The o-ring seal assures filtration integrity
Modular design fits most filtration systems
Quick and easy change of cartridges because of the integrated handle
Rigid outer cage for maximum strength and protection of the filter media.

Our high flow filter cartridges are excellent Replacements
for a.o.
Pall Ultipleat HF
3M Cuno 740B and 7000 series
Parker Magnum, Absolute Rated High Flow Filter Cartridge
Parker Maxguard, Large Diameter Pleated Glass Fibre Filter Cartridges | For High Flow Applications
Parker Parmax / Parmax-R
Osprey3 EN65 / EN160
Amazon HFC
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