18, 19 en 20 March 2025 | Evenementenhal Gorinchem


Inline total solids analyzer for waste water.




The Valmet TS (total Solids), dry solids measurement, is designed for municipal and industrial wastewater applications. This microwave-based measurement technology makes it possible to continuously measure sludge (or other solids) inline within a range of 0 to 50% with high reproducibility.

By having real-time insight into the dry matter concentration at various positions in your water treatment plant, it becomes possible to control the dewatering process in a more targeted manner. This not only results in a higher efficiency of dewatered sludge, but also in cost reduction in energy consumption, transport, polymer and maintenance of your systems.

The Valmet TS has no moving or optical parts, so no periodic maintenance is required. This means that the system is virtually maintenance-free and also works above 3 bar pressure (max 100). No optics are used, so that there is little or no influence of struvite, oil or grease on the accuracy of the measurement.


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