KATflow 200


The KATflow 200 is an innovative portable flow meter providing engineers with a robust, easy-to-use and lightweight instrument that offers the measurement performance of more complex and expensive devices.

With a weight of less than 700g, the KATflow 200 of U-F-M B.V. / Ultrasonic Flow Management is a very light portable flow meter which can be carried in one hand. This makes it an ideal tool for the use in confined spaces. Due to its robust housing with rubber shock protector, the flow meter is suitable for applications in tough, industrial conditions.

As with all other U-F-M B.V. / Katronic models, the KATflow 200 offers an intuitive instrument menu and Setup Wizard which guides the user step-by-step through the meter configuration.

The correct installation of the clamp-on sensors on the pipe is made easy by the incorporated Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant which gives the user visual and audible indications during sensor mounting.



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