Kobaflex – Kobaflow


Kobaflex – Kobaflow

For more than quarter of a century Kobato B.V. have specialised in the processing of polyurethane. Thanks to Kobato’s ongoing investment in personnel, expertise and technology, the business has developed into a leading specialist provider of customised wearing solutions.

Kobaflex coatings are applied in our own spray plant, and we also have a castings department producing articles cast from Kobaflow. In collaboration with Kobato Polytechnologie we run laboratory facilities for the testing and analysis of plastic materials and the development of new client-specific systems.

Our advanced spray application techniques allow seamless and even application of the wearing layers.
* Complex and awkward shapes are not a problem
* Variable layer thicknesses are possible
* Perfect adhesion on virtually every substrate
* Wearing layers can be applied on-site at the customer’s premises

Kobato are the front runners in this sector. Using spray and casting installations developed by our own engineers we can deliver bespoke products to ensure that your production process continues to run smoothly and wear never gets the upper hand.

Kobaflex is a high quality polyurethane coating.

With its ideal adhesive properties it can be sprayed onto a wide range of substrates. Its long history of successful applications in virtually every industrial sector testifies to the many advantages of Kobaflex.

Prevention of wear to installation components is of crucial importance to any production process.

Kobato will partner you in your search for the optimal solution.

Inventive and business-minded. Our methodology is totally geared to the solution of problems, and involves an initial inspection, an expert report which is translated into an optimal product specification (with advance testing in our own laboratories if required), and periodic follow-up inspections.


reduced wear
easier cleaning
reduced noise
less damage to fragile products
excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces
applications in all industrial sectors



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