Measuring clamp-on flow with PCCP piping, Flexim makes it possible!


Tubes of prestressed concrete, also known as bonna pipes, consisting of several layers of different materials. The core of these tubes consists of concrete with a steel jacket inside combined with pre-stressed steel wires.
The typical structure of these tubes makes it a challenge to measure the flow of a liquid in the tube. This applies to any measuring technique since it is not easy to place a measurement between them.
But it is a technique that fully controls Flexim. By using very powerful clamp-on sensors and advanced algorithms, Flexim can provide accurate measurement without any problem, even on the thickest prestressed concrete pipes (PCCP – Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes).

The big advantage of this technique is that the wall of the tube remains intact. We call this the “non-intrusive” technology of Flexim. This has a major advantage for the user because there are no negative consequences for the tube when installing the sensors for the meter.
Flexim has two solutions for bonna pipes: the FLUXUS WD for clean (drinking) water and the FLUXUS WW for sewage. The installation of the meter is easy; nothing changes at all on the tube itself. The ultrasonic sensors are fixed to the tube with the aid of robust stainless steel mounting brackets. We use the coupling pads for sealing from sensor to tube material, unlike other suppliers, we do not use the coupling gel which can flush away from the measurement.
The whole is watertight finished with a bitumen gasket. The result is an underground, highly reliable construction that guarantees stable and reliable measurement for a very long period without maintenance.
At Flexim we offer both measurement, assembly and commissioning, if necessary we can also take care of the digging and packing work.



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