Phytoparking® – nature based solution for waste water treatment underneath a green parking space


Nature based solution for waste water treatment. A wetland without plants, constructed under a green parking space with turf grids. The technology is based on the Phytoair aerated wetland. But this system requires zero space.

Ideal for middle-sized projects for municipalities, office buildings, the recreational sector, hotels, restaurants, health care institutions and the industry.

Advantages: low energy usage, low operation & maintenance costs. One maintenance visit by our specialized team per year is sufficient. Very high treatment efficiency: the crystal clear water from the Phytoair can be reused for toilet flushing or can be upgraded to process water.

Extra parking spaces can be configured as normal infiltrating lots in the same turf grids out of recycled PE. Patterns with bricks in the same grids are possible, making the system highly flexible and adaptable to your needs.



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