4″ complete submersible pump, made of ZDS hydraulic part, 2-wire single-phase encapsulated water-cooled ZDS motor, supply cable in different lenghts and Evo diagnostic device.
It is particularly recommended for domestic installations, since it is completely automatic and easy to install (it only needs a pressure tank to compensate for any leaks in the plant). The integrated electronics ensures the operation of the pump (pressure switch is not needed) and protects the pump against many other possible problems.
The Evo diagnostic device allows to continuously display the Plug&GO.Evo operation and to monitor the possible system faults, such as current overload, low voltage or high voltage, too frequent starts and stops and dry running; ensuring a high degree of automation and restoration.
Evo allows to continuously monitor the submersible pump, guaranteeing its operation in the most efficient way through a Soft start procedure (first start attempt with low starting torque) and if needed, a Strong start procedure to benefit of more starting torque.
Evo allows to continuously detect and monitor in real time the power: the electrical parameters obtained are processed by a special software, which will efficiently guarantee the correct working conditions. With Evo, the Plug&Go.Evo submersible pump can work and be continuously protected also when actual supply voltage values are at tolerance limit, providing the effectiveness of the protection operation. In addition, Evo, thanks to a “smart software” at variable time and automatic restart, can ensure the optimization of water withdrawal from the borehole or tank when the pump is dry running.






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