PlurryMaxx (wet-disintegrator)


PlurryMaxx is a device for mechanical comminution and for the enlargement of the substrate surface for an improved fermentation. This is one of the most efficient disintegration techniques. The fermentation substrate will pumped through the cutting cylinder and thereby ground of rapidly rotating sledges without cutting by counter blades. At high cutting speeds, the substrate to be fermented is ideally prepared for the microorganisms. In addition, alternative and fi brous substrates can used. This added available degradable organic material provides a bigger yield of biogas.

PlurryMaxx ensures safe and upgraded operation of the plant with higher gas yield. By using PlurryMaxx, the residence time can reduced while increasing the degree of degradation and thus the biogas production. With the compact method of construction, PlurryMaxx can merged ideally into existing plants or installed into a compact-container.






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