Red Label Filters


We are proud to present our Red Label Filter systems and products.
The foundation of this range of filters and filtration products begins with the Red Label Drum Filter. The Dutch manufactured and produced filter is made of Polypropylene (PP) and features a meshed, 70 micron gauze on the drum which offers the best conceivable mechanical filtration. Innovative design and high quality materials combine to create a user-friendly and sustainable, well operating unit that is unrivaled.

The ideal addition to the Red Label Drum Filter is the Red Label Moving Bed Filter. Combining these two systems creates a near perfect biological environment for your pond waters. The two filtersystems working in unison create a natural, healthy bacterial culture while degradation of harmful substances is maintained.

With the two filters operating separately but together, Red Label created an alternative option in a Combi Filter system. The Combi amalgamates the two separate filters into one compact unit which is
easy to install.

Red Label offers a wide range of products that can be used in combination with the filter systems. The products include high-end pond pumps to Ultra Violet equipment and bottom-drains. We also
recommend top products from other manufacturers in this catalogue that will deliver the absolute best results in your pond system and set-up.

Red Label Filter systems and products offer complete, efficient and suitable solutions to almost any situation.






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