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Drawing up a maintenance plan
Periodic maintenance is required in order to function optimally and to guarantee the life span of an installation. Since every installation functions under specific conditions and within a specific process, an installation dependent maintenance plan should be drawn up. In case of changes within your process, this maintenance plan should be adapted. Our technicians can draw up a maintenance plan specifically for your installation in order to guarantee the continuity of your process as effectively as possible.

The technical staff of Biogas Holland has relevant experience and knowledge of various installations, which enables them to properly maintain your installation. We strive to continuously expand and improve the knowledge of our technical staff by offering product specific courses and trainings.

Inertisation of biogas installations is required when service or overhaul is needed. The biogas installation must be made gas free/oxygen free in a safe and responsible way. Our technical staff has the right knowledge and experience to inert your installation. Subsequently, the biogas installation is put into operation again and extensively tested in order to achieve optimal and continuous operation.

Biogas Holland offers the possibility to rent various components and instrumentation. On request, we can explore the possibilities within your project together with you.


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