Smart Fishlift


Technology for Ecology

The importance of fish migration is on the national and international agenda. In practice, however, our water systems are full of objects that block fish migration routes, and fish are banging their nose every kilometer in Europe. Partly because of this, the fish stock has declined enormously, with all its consequences. How do we remove these barriers and create insight?

With the Smart Fishlift! The Smart Fishlift is a round plug & play fish passage that can be placed anywhere within an instant. Fish are counted, viewed and measured.

Research has shown that fish set high requirements for assuming flow rates in fish passages. With its artificial intelligence, the Smart Fishlift automatically adjusts the flow speed to the wishes of the fish species and the fish migration period. Fish swim upwards through
a round wok. This means that the installation takes up less space and is suitable for both small, weak and large, strong swimmers. Always the right flow speed in your fish passage, also with fluctuating heights within target level heights.

The Smart Fishlift monitors the fish and water quality. This gives water managers valuable information about the relationship between water quality and fish migration.

The Smart Fishlift also predicts water pollution. The water manager automatically receives notifications of this in order to prevent natural calamities.

An intelligent fish passage that monitors, communicates and reports within the WFD objectives: Through the Smart Fishlift the underwater world becomes digital and we can find out more and manage situations better.






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