If data storage, data retrieval and/or data presentation is/are required, the software of Observator Instruments might fit this job. Our software allows you to collect data from all your monitoring sites into one single database.

Multiple companies use our software to monitor the data from all meteorological and hydrological measurement stations. Companies involved in marine engineering, offshore and dredging use the software to combine all their environmental measurements (including water quality, waves, and wind) into one single overview.

Data – ranging from raw data to the most sophisticated reports and graphical representations (tables, graphs and reports) – can be viewed and downloaded by all users, who have the right to access.

In addition to directly viewing the data in a single overview, it is also possible to perform calculations on the data and to test for (complex) alarm conditions. You can directly control and analyse the measurement data. You can view your measurement data whenever you want, wherever you are.

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