SPI 170 measurement and control system Fotometric


The SPI C170 controls pH and chlorine or peroxide values. The control is suitable for professional pools, camping and sauna baths. Can be used wih peristaltic and membranes pumps.
* 3 measuring inputs: chlorine, pH and flow
* Photometric principle
* Chlorine Measurement (mg / l)
* The flow rate of the measurement water is monitored by the flow monitor.
* Implementation according W.H.V.B.Z. (Flow control)
* Pulse signal for dosing pumps
* Equipped with floating fault contact
* Equipped with potential free flow release contact;
* Power supply 12VDC
* Optional: Communication MODBUS module
* Optional: Analog module with 0-10V or 0 / 4-20mA
* With hose connection 6×12
* Delivered with pH electrode, buffer 4 and 7, chlorine and instructions.






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