SPIDER – Pump Controller with new possibilities
A universal pump controller, with multiple applications. Spider controls several pumps with alternating operation, wiht only one float switch connected. On the same float switch is the option of high level alarm, or defect pump contol. Of Course Spider can also be connected to a standard pressure transmitter or ultrasoundlevel measurer with optional measuring range. Upon the connection of a pressure transmitter, Spider can perform a valid Pump Flow measurement like never before seen. Based on this functionality the necessity of pump service can be predicted.

SPIDER is available as standard with multi protocol, which autodetects whether communication with Modbus or Comli exists through the SRO system. SPIDER has a built in power bank, which leaves no need for an external battery backup at power outage.

SPIDER Pump Control Functionality:
Advanced 2-Pump Control
GSM/GPRS modem
Multi protocol, Modbus & Comli
Graphical 2,4″ OLED Display
Validated flow calculation
Emergency Control function
Pump Service indication
Build-in Power bank

SPIDER Technical data:
230V AC supply
4 Digital outlets (2 with relay outlets)
6 Digital / Analogue inputs
1 analogue 0(4)-20mA input
24V DC power supply
DIN-tray mounting
Micro USB for PC connection / Configuration

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