The ST650EX is an all-round gas detector which functions well
under the most difficult circumstances. The heart of the detector is a
replaceable gas sensor. This sensor is available in various versions, such
as a catalytic flammable gas sensor, Infrared (NDIR) and a Thermal
Conductivity sensor (TCD). The sensor has a long life-span, which
achieves an optimal cost of ownership.
The ST650EX is available with or without a graphic display. The
version with a graphic display, shows the measured value and various
status notifications locally. The capacitive key control gives you an
experience similar to a touchscreen and enables easy navigation
through the user/calibration menu. The user menu is secured with
a password; unauthorized users cannot access the gas detector. The
control of the user/calibration menu does not require additional tools
(for example magnets). Simple, easy and user friendly!


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