Sustainable Chemical Free Cooling Water Treatment


In industry, cooling water systems are used to dispose excessive heat. Chemicals are often used to prevent the following:

– Lime deposits
– Corrosion
– Legionella

The use of chemicals such as hardness stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors and biocides is not only costly, but also harmful to people and the environment, which means it has a negative effect on your company’s CO2 footprint.

RWB Water offers you a unique patented system to prevent these problems without the use of chemicals and to save 30 to 80% wastewater.

Lime deposits
The system pumps a part of the cooling water flow through the reactor chamber. This contains a series of disc-shaped cathodes and anodes. By applying voltage here, the electrolysis process starts, so that only the scaling calcium and magnesium (temporary hardness) precipitate on the cathode. The other elements remain in the water in dissolved form.

Corrosion and legionella
On the anode side OH- ions are formed which increases the pH value. This in combination with the still present dissolved elements form an excellent inhibitor against corrosion. The chlorides present in the water are converted into active chlorine which prevents algae growth and legionella.

Automatic cleaning – low maintenance
By using disk-shaped cathodes and anodes it is possible to build very compact. By means of the patented self-cleaning mechanism, the deposited lime is automatically removed from the discs. This makes the system low-maintenance, there is no down-time and high cleaning costs are prevented.

Your advantage:
– Chemical-free cooling water treatment
– Guaranteed legionella control
– Water savings 30 to 90%
– Automatic cleaning – low maintenance
– Compact and easy to install in existing systems
– Sustainable – Green – Reducing CO2 footprint
– Lower operating costs, ROI approx. 2 years




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