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For monitoring mini pumping stations in pressure sewer systems. Indeed, controlling and communicating between mini pumping stations and the main post in pressure sewer systems is crucial. In case of failure, adequate and timely action is necessary to avoid prolonged disruption of the process of pressure sewerage. The SVA-X16 can be used as a monitoring and communication unit in completely new control systems for mini pumping stations, but is also one-to-one interchangeable with the Radius system’s outdated analogue technology.
* Monitoring mini-pumping station control commands across various locations
* Real-time online display of pumping station status and immediate insight into issued alerts
* Repaired alerts are automatically reported closed to the main control station
* Power failure reporting on each pumping station via emergency power supply
* Various malfunction alerts: thermal, operating time overrun, operating time overrun no pump available, level time overrun, high water, power failure


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