Tensioned cap


A tensioning cap can be used for many different manure storage systems. Think of silos for manure storage or (extinguishing) water, but also for storage applications in industry. A tensile structure is a virtually maintenance-free covering application for concrete, steel or wooden silos. It is provided with a reliable and solid construction so that sufficient protection is provided against all weather conditions (such as gusts of wind and heavy snowfall). The materials we use offer excellent resistance to dirty water, sludge, manure and other possible influences. At the same time, our tensile structure offers an optimum reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, including methane, nitrous oxide (nitrogen dioxide) and ammonia emissions.

When choosing a cover supplier, it is best to keep all qualifications and legal provisions in mind. After all, for the safety of you and your environment, the purchase of a good cover (both spank cap and float cover) is not a question of the “lowest price”, but the best price for the highest quality. Human suffering or a financial hangover in case of (manure) accidents can be avoided by using the right materials and techniques. With our gaiters you can confidently face any inspection, 1st time after 10 years at certification, from the competent authorities. And you are assured of a safe working and living environment. Our covers are Kiwa Komo certified. As soon as you place an order with us, we also take care of the necessary formalities, such as (building) permits. Installation and assembly takes place in accordance with the Euronorm and BRM guidelines and only with our own qualified staff.






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