Ultrasonic sensor


elobau ultrasonic sensors – the accurate, flexible and reliable solution for every application. Whether in the industrial environment or in challenging off-road applications, ultrasonic sensors are the right choice thanks to the robustly designed housings in M18 or M30. Their non-contact operating principle ensures accurate detection of liquid, solid, granular or powdery substances even under adverse environmental conditions. Even with rain, moisture, dust, smoke and at extreme temperatures, the ultrasonic sensors provide reliable data. Vibrating transducers reduce the adhesion of media to the sensor. The range of the sensors also sets new standards – measurements up to 8000mm are possible up to 1200mm with the M18 shortbody version.

Problem solver. The three different cylindrical designs allow easy machine integration. Furthermore, the different programs of the sensors in combination with different analog and digital outputs offer the right solution for almost any application. Synchronization and multiplexing avoids a “Crosstalk” among the sensors and thus guarantees trouble-free operation even in tight installation conditions. M18 ATEX has been specially developed for use in gas or dust explosion hazardous environments, making it particularly suitable for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Simplicity. High visibility LEDs help the user to quickly record the echo and switching status. Simple and fast parameter setting via IO-Link, teach-in button or teach-by-wire saves time and money.

elobau ultrasonic sensors are compatible with IO-Link and thus ready for “Industry 4.0”.



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