WASYS KPLD Water Level Sensor 4-20mA


WASYS SGM- ø27mm Level Sensor is a robust pressure transmitter with a 316L stainless steel membrane. The SGM is characterized by a 27mm diameter with a length of 130mm design, developed for Wastewater, Surface water application and possibly with certification for use in drinking water applications. The GoPLe 27mm level sensor is also very suitable for measuring level in pressure sewer systems where the level can be read steplessly by means of a 4-20mA signal and the pumps are controlled on the basis of start / stop level with high / low water alarm function. The molded PU cable has 3 cores for electrical connection with color coding, 1x red for the (+) power supply 10-36Vdc, 1x Black for the signal and 1x Yellow earth connection to eliminate influences that can affect the signal. In addition, the WASYS SGM- ø27mm standard 10 meter cable with capillary to compensate the air pressure to be able to measure a correct value immediately, this capillary is by means of an anti-moisture filter which is mounted on the sensor side as well as at the end of the cable to guarantee the reliability of the measured values. The measuring range of the WASYS SGM-ø27mm is available in 6 measuring ranges from 0-1 meter to 0-100 meter water column and has an industrial signal output of 4-20mA. Other measuring ranges and cable lengths are optionally available on request. With a cable box with air pressure compensation valve, it can be extended to 1000 meters with a normal standard 2-core (twisted pair) (ground) cable with shield (shield).

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