WASYS PTU-5 series Ultrasonic Level Measurement


WASYS-SGM Ultrasonic is a contact-less technology for level measurement applications. The sensor emits short ultrasonic pulses which are reflected from the product surface and captured by the same sensor. The distance to the product surface is obtained with the exact measurement of the time between pulse emission and echo reception, and consequently the level measurement. An internal digital temperature sensor corrects the measurement as a function of air temperature. Our ultrasonic level transmitters are suitable for measurements of liquids and granules, for distance up to 12 m. Concentrated acids, toxic waste, vapors, agitators presence, by-pass pipes are not obstacles to their application thanks to an evolved signal processing system and a sophisticated analysis of the received echo.

Non-intrusive level measurement systems are the preferred technology for many applications and for this reason we developed the level/distance transmitters PTU50 / 51 / 56.
These units are compact with a unique simplicity of commissioning.
Calibration and transmitter configuration is possible, even remotely, thanks to a MODBUS RTU connection together with the related software for the PC, or via VLW601 display unit VLW601. The IP68 transmitter protection allows installation in underground wells.
The application for configuration and programming via bluetooth, available on Google Play, is compatible with the most commen devices with operating system ANDROID 4.2 and subsequents. it is possible to read the measurements detected by the transmitter and set the configuration parameters of the sensor.
The smartphone terminal must be equipped with the BLUETOOTH device of class 1 and version 2.1.
The maximum reception / transmission distance is 15m in open air.




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