water storage system


Genap supplies foil linings in a range of shapes and materials for water reservoirs & lagoons. In addition, we make covers that are ready fit any geometry. The reservoirs are mainly measured using a satellite measuring system. To protect the foil on the slopes we first lay a Genatex® 1000 protective sheeting. We can also lay the reservoir lining, including the protective sheeting for you. A range of anti-algae cover systems are available: the Genafloat® floating cover, a tensioned cover or a fully-enclosed water reservoir.

The water reservoirs and lagoons are fitted with the watertight Aquatex® plastic foil, which has been specially developed for water storage in the horticultural sector. Aquatex® is available in a range of types and thicknesses which are suitable for storing rainwater (clean water) and recirculation water.






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