The Watermiracle+ is the ideal solution for permanent or temporarily water purification for emergency back-up, events and work sites.

The Watermiracle is a proven concept. For many years it has been providing safe drinking water in rural areas all over the world. Many times it was deployed after earth quakes, floods and other disasters, to prevent common diseases as cholera and diarrhea. The Watermiracle+ however, is the next generation version of the “old” Watermiracle:
Its smart control recognizes dirty water and regulates the flux or executes an automatic backwash, to prevent the membranes from clogging. Essential to make it a reliable and robust solution world wide. Due to its proven reliability, the industry has also embraced the Watermiracle+. Wherever bacteria-free water is needed, the Watermiracle+ is the ideal solution.



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