With the Fluxus WD you can monitor Flow, Temperature and the condition of the pipework


The Fluxus WD is the first clamp-on flow measurement that can measure both flow and temperature from the outside of the pipe.

By using our field temperature calibration which is carried out during assembly and commissioning, it is possible to calculate the temperature of the medium based on the velocity of sound. In fact, if a communication protocol such as Modbus is chosen, it is even possible to check the condition of the pipework.
The Fluxus WD allows the user to display multiple parameters as an output signal. Because every Flexim sensor has an internal temperature measurement, it is possible to send the surface temperature as a value, this in combination with the flow rate and the calculated medium temperature can be an important indication of the condition of the pipework. If the temperature of the medium and the flow rate increase proportionally but the surface temperature remains the same, this may be an indication that the pipe is clogging. The same applies of course when it happens exactly the other way around, a lower medium temperature in combination with a lower flow rate can mean leakage.

Curious about what else Flexim can do for you in the field of measurement, monitoring, and control?



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