Exalto Bearings UK Limited

Exalto Bearings UK Limited

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Exalto Bearings UK Limited are part of the Graphite Metallizing Corporation Group of Companies.

Based in Derby UK we have been manufacturing Water Lubricated Bearings for over 25 years for the Pump and Marine Industries.

Recently, we have moved into new premises and invested heavily in new equipment to enable us to meet the demand of our customers and try to reduce lead times.

Our compounds include Nitrile, Viton, EPDM, and Polyurethane. We also have a composite material that conforms to WRAS requirements.

GRAPHALLOY® are also part of our Group of Companies and manufacture graphite/metal alloy bushings for pumps, screw conveyors, flocculators, clarifiers, rotary screens, mixers, and other equipment.

GRAPHALLOY® is a self-lubricating non-galling material used in applications ranging from temperatures of -240 degrees C to 535 degrees C.

GRAPHALLOY® can also supply materials that conform to WRAS requirements along with other grades that are accredited to NSF and EC1935 food grade.




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