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Based in Vienna, usePAT GmbH develops and distributes ultrasonic add-ons for in-line sensors and probes in liquids. These are used directly in the industrial process and ensure consistently accurate in-line, real-time measurement data.
These data are available to the process management for an optimized process control and thus an optimized allocation of resources. The ultrasonic devices soniccatch and sonicwipe thus support in-line as well as real-time measurements in production processes.
On the one hand, probe windows are cleaned and kept clean. Therefore, continuously accurate measurements are ensured and preventing falsified measurements. Particularly in the case of O2 sensors, it prevents the dissolved oxygen levels from being under or overestimated. A clean O2-sensor provides accurate, reliable and continuous process information in real-time. Another example is the cleaning of pH probes ensuring accurate data directly out of the water/ process.
On the other hand, this is achieved by aggregation of the particles and therefore enhancing the in-line signal of various (PAT) probes.
By eliminating the need for sampling or cleaning, the safety of employees, productivity and process control are increased.




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