CaNaRy H2S Hydrogen Sulfide output 4-20mA

CaNaRy is a unique sulfur hydrogen meter.
CaNaRy is designed for installation in pumping stations
and other sewage related applications.
CaNaRy is a Danish developed and produced product,
and comply with all specifications for electronics components,
for installation in harsh environments.

CaNaRy Functions:
CaNaRy measures hydrogen sulphide content in
gaseous form with a measuring range from 0-300ppm
and converts this into a standard 4-20mA signal.
The measuring cell is calibrated from the factory and
do not need calibration again throughout the entire
lifetime of the cell.
Whilst the CaNaRy is designed to be highly specific
to the gas they are intended to measure, they will
still respond to some degree to various other gases.
Be aware that exposure to other gasses, can have a
negative effect on the CaNaRy’s lifetime expectancy

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