19, 20 en 21 March 2024 | Evenementenhal Gorinchem

Work on Urban water & Sewage management

RioleringsVakdagen has been merged into Aqua Nederland under the name Urban Water & Sewage management. The choice was made because, just like our partners, we notice that there is only one water chain that is strongly interconnected. 

It is a real concern: climate change and its consequences. Heavy rain showers and heatwaves mean that we have to respond smartly to this. Climate adaptive solutions are therefore also an important item on the agenda of urban water managers and sewerage managers. Cooperation between municipalities and water boards, companies and citizens is not a choice, but a necessity.

Climate adaptive water management in public space

In the municipal sewerage plans the policy for dealing with rainwater and groundwater are grounded. Sewers often cannot cope with the abundance of water during a downpour, while on the other hand drought lurks. The excess rainwater can be collected by applying smart new urban water concepts. Examples of this are the reuse of wastewater and the collection of excess rainwater in reopened canals, water plazas and meadows.


By increasingly storing or discharging rainwater above ground via, for example, bioswales, green strips and roads designed for them, we achieve a cost-effective approach that contributes to an integrated approach to greenery, roads and sewers and it also helps to limit heat. Citizens can also play an important role in this, for example by replacing their garden tiles with more greenery, green roofs or the use of a rain barrel.

Future proof Sewage management

Sewer managers or urban water managers are also increasingly working with innovative solutions. For example, they use drones for inspections and measurements, they choose for trenchless techniques or make the shift from central to decentralized wastewater treatment. Digitization means that sewerage is becoming “smarter”.

During Aqua Nederland

The renewed second floor, called Next Level is designed for engineering and consultancy firms, knowledge institutions, educators and specific suppliers focused on climate and urban water. For three days there will be a Urban Water and Sewer Management Theater with a program about sewer management and predictive maintenance, separating rainwater and sewage water at the source of transport. Parties such as Stichting RIONED, STOWA, WaterWindow, Lapinus Rockwool, VPDelta and IKT are happy to share their latest insights into organizing workshops during the fair.

Do you have suggestions for the Next Level program for Aqua Nederland 2024? Contact us. Maybe your subject will be discussed or you will be in the spotlight yourself!

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