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Work on Drinkwater

The fact that clean drinking water flows unlimited from the tap every day is almost taken for granted. However, it poses a significant challenge for drinking water companies. Drinking water must meet strict quality and hygiene standards, and potential risks are carefully managed. Drinking water companies therefore strive to keep drinking water sources clean. Together with, among others, water boards, agricultural organizations, businesses, governments, and nature conservation organizations, drinking water companies advocate for a clean living environment, responsible use of land, and protection of water quality so that future generations can continue to enjoy drinking water.

Sufficient fresh water?

Our current water system is designed to drain water as quickly as possible. Therefore, a water transition is needed. We need to improve water retention and manage the water supply more carefully. This means taking preventive measures, such as water storage, reducing the discharge of rainwater through sewers, and creating buffer zones around wetland areas.

Challenges of the 'Water Framework Directive'

More and more harmful substances are being detected in drinking water sources, such as pharmaceutical residues, industrial chemicals, pesticides, and the much-discussed PFAS. Objectives to counteract this so-called ‘aging of groundwater’ are translated into the Water Framework Directive (WFD). By 2027, surface water and groundwater should be chemically clean and ecologically healthy enough that drinking water can be produced with as little purification as possible. However, achieving this goal is proving to be difficult even now.

Why should you, as a drinking water company, visit Aqua Nederland?

Every drinking water company faces the same challenges in achieving these objectives. During Aqua Nederland, you will have the opportunity to connect with water professionals and experts to collaborate on these challenges. In addition to the “Water Marketplace” on the ground floor, where supply and demand of products and services in the field of water technology and treatment are presented and demonstrated, you can visit the “Next Level” on the upper floor for the extensive knowledge program, where experts will update you on substantive and current topics. Think of water quality, water quantity, purification possibilities, alternative sources, best practices, and more.

Do you have suggestions for the Next Level program for Aqua Nederland 2025? Contact us. Maybe your subject will be discussed or you will be in the spotlight yourself!

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