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Work on Drinkwater

We take it for granted that we have unlimited and clean drinking water coming from the tap every day. However, this is quite a challenge for you as a drinking water company. Drinking water must meet strict quality and hygiene requirements and the possible risks are carefully controlled. Drinking water companies are therefore committed to keep drinking water sources clean. Together with water boards, agricultural organizations, companies, governments and nature organizations, drinking water companies argue for a clean living environment, responsible use of the soil and the protection of water quality so that future generations can continue to enjoy drinking water


Current changes in the climate do not contribute to these tasks. We simply know periods of extreme drought and downpours where our current system can barely cope with the excessive water. These situations require smart measures so that in the future we will have sufficient and high-quality water available for every purpose.

Sufficient fresh water?

Unfortunately, our very important national freshwater supply is fragile. We are too dependent on the weather and the amount of water that flows into our country via rivers. However, both forms of water supply show increasing fluctuations. This means that we have to handle the water supply carefully and take preventive measures together, such as water storage, less rainwater discharge via sewers, and the creation of buffer zones around wet nature areas.

Emerging substances

More and more harmful substances are being detected in drinking water sources, such as medicine residues, industrial substances, crop protection products and the much discussed PFAS. This so-called “aging of groundwater” must be counteracted. That is why source protection measures have been introduced with regard to the pharmaceutical residues for the entire pharmaceutical chain, but more transparency is also needed about the substances to be discharged by various companies and associated permits. It is important here that at low water levels the quality of the water decreases because of the concentration of harmful substances increases.

During Aqua Nederland

On Drinking Water Thursday you can learn about the latest knowledge about legionella, quality control, emerging substances, legislation and source protection from parties such as KWR, Sweco, RWB and KNW.

As a drinking water professional, you need to visit these sessions.


The knowledge theaters can be found at Next Level.


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