18, 19 en 20 March 2025 | Evenementenhal Gorinchem

Working together on wastewater

Nowadays, water boards have to be increasingly flexible with their tasks and responsibilities. Numerous challenges have been added to which water boards must anticipate, such as climate change, soil subsidence, salinization, downpours and prolonged drought, all of which put great pressure on the water system. Working together on dry feet, clean water and sufficient water is more important than ever. If water boards were not to do their work for a day, this would immediately lead to problems in the low-lying Netherlands.


In addition, there is the ambition to be completely energy neutral by 2025. There are many opportunities for recovering energy and raw materials from wastewater. Digitization is also high on the agenda and innovations in this are more than welcome.

Futureproof wastewater purification

The pressure from society is increasingly on a more sustainable and energy-efficient life. For example, wastewater treatment plants are increasingly transforming into an energy factory and / or raw materials factory. The current target for water boards is to be 100% energy neutral by 2025. To increase the efficiency of these processes, millions are invested in environmentally friendly measures that pay for themselves.


During Aqua Nederland you will find innovative solutions that can lead to objectives being achieved faster and at lower costs. In addition to the relatively easy solution of installing wind turbines or solar fields on the treatment plants, more and more smart techniques are being devised for the production of energy, such as biogas and aquathermy, and for the recovery of valuable raw materials such as phosphate, paper and bioplastic.


Water boards are in a digital transformation. There is a need for applications that can help water boards to perform their core tasks smarter, faster, cheaper and / or more sustainably. The current digitization process provides many smart solutions for water management. Consider, for example, a ‘digital twin‘, a kind of virtual version of reality that indicates, for example, when maintenance is required, the use of drones for various applications, but also the launch of the Parceelwijzer app, which can provide the farmer with information at parcel level about including the groundwater level.


In addition, digital security with available (big) data is important. During Aqua Nederland you can talk to professionals about the latest innovative products and services for this digital transformation.

During Aqua Nederland

Water Board Wednesday will host a number of interesting sessions about Aquathermie, future-proof wastewater treatment and digitization from parties such as STOWA, Siemens, Eliquo Water & Energy. The knowledge theaters can be found at Next Level. The renovated second floor of Evenementenhal Gorinchem.

Do you have any suggestions for the wastewater program of Aqua Nederland 2021? Please contact the team. Maybe you and your topic will be in the spotlight this year.

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