Work on process water

Water stress is currently one of the biggest challenges in the Netherlands, and also high on the agenda in the industry. Where the energy transition has already started, the water transition is now also top of mind. Major water consumers are looking for innovative ways to save and reuse water or they are investigating alternative sources. In addition to the primary necessity of life, water is also very important for various other industries. So it is more important than ever for the market to work together to guarantee access to fresh water in the future.

Water diversity

Energy is a relatively homogeneous product, but water on the other hand has unique properties at a local level. For example, each area has its own water quality, water quantity, and water availability. We have experienced extreme drought in recent years, particularly in the summer. Because the concentration of harmful substances increases at a low water level, the quality of the water decreases considerably. We are also seeing more and more signs of salinization. However, industrial wastewater can also contain raw materials that can be recovered and valued.

Reducing water use

Industrial processes can take various water-saving measures. The source of water does not always have to be pure groundwater, but depending on the purpose, effluent from a wastewater treatment could be used here. Reusing water within a company’s processes or adjusting procedures to ensure that there is less waste. Smart response to regional water use can also lead to surprising collaborations. For example, the “wastewater” from one company that would normally be discharged may be very useful for the neighbor’s process. In this way, considerable savings can be made at regional level.

Work on water

For the current developments surrounding water scarcity, we need to look to the future. As a company, which savings can companies already invest before stricter legal requirements are imposed? Consider price differentiation, where a lower price is used for the necessity of life and a higher price for other uses as a financial incentive to use water economically. But also consider the consequences of COVID-19 and the accelerated investments in industrial autonomy.

During Aqua Nederland

During Aqua Nederland, the entire water chain will come together, with all current challenges being addressed by parties such as KWR, ENVAQUA, RWB, Energie- en Grondstoffenfabriek and H2O Biofouling Solutions. Working together is very important in order to have sufficient fresh water available for industrial processes in the future. How this is handled smartly will be discussed in the knowledge theater on Process Water Tuesday. The theaters can be found at Next Level.

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