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Work on process water

Water scarcity is high on the agenda within the industry. Legislation and regulations for water use and discharge in the industry are becoming increasingly stringent. And that makes sense because water in the Netherlands is becoming more polluted and is increasingly difficult to clean and maintain.

Where the energy transition has already begun, the water transition is now also the talk of the day. Major water users are looking for innovative ways to save water, reuse it, or explore alternative sources. It is more important than ever for the market to collaborate to ensure access to fresh water in the future.

Water diversity

Water shows unique characteristics at the local level. Each area has its own water quality, water quantity, and water availability. Particularly in recent years, we have experienced extreme drought, especially during the summer months. As the concentration of harmful substances increases during low water levels, the quality of precious water significantly decreases. These are all reasons to explore alternative ways to use process water. Additionally, investing in the recovery of resources from industrial wastewater is also worthwhile.

Why should you, as an industrial company, visit Aqua Nederland?

For current developments concerning water scarcity, the motto is ‘forewarned is forearmed’. In what savings can your company invest now before stricter legal requirements are imposed? During Aqua Netherlands, the entire water chain comes together to address all current challenges. In addition to the “Water Marketplace” on the ground floor, where supply and demand of products and services in the field of water technology and treatment are presented and demonstrated, you can visit the “Next Level” on the upper floor for the extensive knowledge program, where experts will update you on substantive and current topics. Collaborating on water is crucial to ensure sufficient fresh water for industrial processes in the future. How to manage this wisely is also addressed in the knowledge theater.

Do you have suggestions for the Next Level program for Aqua Nederland 2025? Contact us. Maybe your subject will be discussed or you will be in the spotlight yourself!

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