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Crest Sensors B.V.

Crest Sensors B.V.

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Crest Sensors can turn any asset into a SMART asset in a cost-efficient way. In the past 7 years, the company has developed a range of remote telemetry units (RTU), together with various utility companies, that use the latest technology in the field of telecommunications, sensors, security and energy consumption. As a result, Crest Sensors battery-powered or mains-powered devices can collect data from any asset for years without maintenance of the monitoring solution. Crest Sensors is a Dutch company, located in Sliedrecht. It is an electronics development company with a passion for the perfect solution. Thanks to the in-house development of products, each product can be customized and adapted to the requirements and wishes of the customer. The entire production of all products takes place in the Netherlands in Sliedrecht. This limits the entire production chain and thus ruducing costs / increasing quality that can be expected from a product that has to function for years under the most severe circumstances.





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