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Rolapac BV

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Urban areas are increasingly confronted with the formation of floating layers in sewage pumping stations. This causes grease, cloths and other parts that do not belong in the sewer to clump together. These floating layers cause high cleaning costs and their removal creates undesirable working conditions.

The Rolapac floating layer remover does not allow this floating layer to form and greatly reduces the cleaning costs of a sewage pumping station. The contribution to more sustainable maintenance is also central.

The cleaning of a sewage pumping station is often done using diesel-driven suction trucks, which are a burden on the neighborhood and remove the floating layer from the pumping station. This waste is then transported to waste incineration plants; All in all a C0² intensive job.

Rainfall during a planned maintenance stop regularly causes maintenance activities to be rescheduled, resulting in replanning, permit applications and alignment of various parties. In addition, sewage pumping stations are often located in residential areas where maintenance can cause inconvenience to local residents.

Rolapac is a proven technology that reduces floating layers in sewage pumping stations by 90%. With the increasing pressure on our infrastructure due to urbanization, a well-functioning sewerage system is crucial.

By installing the ROLAPAC, wastewater is no longer only sucked away via the low-placed suction nozzles, but also via an additional opening at the top of the reception cellar. The ROLAPAC ensures the transport of ‘the floating grease layer’ and it is no longer necessary to schedule a maintenance stop with associated professional cleaning several times a year. One annual check is sufficient.

There are more advantages to the Rolapac application. If a biogas plant is present at the wastewater treatment plant, the yield of biogas will increase because more wastewater with fats is transported to the biogas plant via the Rolapac.

The application of this innovation also showed that pumps getting stuck is a thing of the past. These benefits result in a short payback period for the Rolapac.

The Rolapac can be installed in just one working day and is fully integrated into the control system of a pumping station.

In summary, the Rolapac reduces the cleaning needs of the sewage pumping station by 90%, which saves costs, optimizes biogas yields AND reduces CO2 emissions.

Rolapac is a patented floating layer remover for sewage pumping stations.





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