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🌱💦E-boiler success story💦🌱
Jotem Water Solutions

🌱💦E-boiler success story💦🌱

Great collaboration between Aviko Rixona and Jotem Water Solutions



That Aviko Rixona’s ambitious sustainability goals are not based on empty promises is demonstrated by the fact that it recently purchased a 30 MW e-boiler. This e-boiler represents a huge reduction in fossil fuel consumption. In fact, during e-boiler operation, the gas-fired boilers only have to run at minimum capacity. The e-boiler is deployed during an overload of the electricity grid. This flattens the surplus of green power in the grid, so-called “peak shaving”.

Because of our expertise in the field of water quality for e-boilers, among other things, we are involved from the design phase to the complete construction, integration and after-care of a complete 25 m3/hour “demi-street”. The fact that, as a total solution provider, we also brought all the parties involved to the table in order to identify all aspects of the project at an early stage obviously benefited the project greatly. This included the boiler manufacturer, the boiler integrator and the chemistry expert.

Jeroen Zwietering, Process Engineer Energy at Aviko Rixona: “Thanks to the adequate approach of Jotem’s professionals, the project went smoothly. No nonsense with a ‘do what you promise’ mentality. The fact that a rental installation could be supplied to condition our condensate network was also a very pleasant bonus.”

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