Exhibitor Category: Measurement and control technology

Adesys BV

Adesys BV

Adésys has been a manufacturer of measurement and alarm solutions for water purification plants, pressure sewage systems and pumping stations for 40 years. All of us have to be able to rely on the control systems used in pumping stations. Malfunction or erroneous operation can easily result in flooded land, contaminated water or long-term damage …

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APT is a supplier of high-quality industrial measuring equipment. The products of our suppliers excel in terms of quality, reliability and minimal maintenance. As a customer, you can expect involvement and a solution-oriented approach from us, in which the optimization of technology and economy are central.

CG Drives & Automation

Emotron is a supplier of frequency inverters, softstarters and loadmonitors with its own 24/7 service.

Cimpro B.V.

Optimizing water management through digitization 💧 The management of the water chain is more complex than ever. Scale increases are the order of the day, the number of pumping stations is increasing, the climate is changing and high-quality water is becoming scarcer. It is the task of water boards and drinking water companies to respond …

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Crest Sensors B.V.

Crest Sensors is a company specialized in IoT solutions for grid monitoring and industry 4.0. With our own development department and years of experience in measuring low voltage & medium voltage grids, gas networks, water networks and industry, we have developed a range of measurement solutions to support the digitization in the energy market. According …

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Efcon® Water B.V.

Efcon® Water b.v. develops, produces and installs complete waste water measurement – and sampling systems.

Elscolab BV

Elscolab BV

ELSCOLAB, your partner for innovative and sustainable solutions. Elscolab is not just a supplier of measuring, controlling and laboratory equipment. We are your partner for a reliable continuity of your measurements, processes and applications. The ‘Environmental Water Monitoring’ division covers a complete range of quality and quantity measurements for industrial waste water and sewers as …

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Flexim Instruments Benelux B.V.

Als technologische leider op het gebied van clamp on flowmetingen zet FLEXIM al 30 jaar de standaard. Onze clamp-on ultrasone FLUXUS meetsystemen meten vrijwel alles dat stroomt, zowel vloeistoffen als gassen en zelf stoom behoren tot de mogelijkheden. Tevens beschikken wij over systemen welke gebruikt kunnen worden voor de identificatie van producten, het meten van …

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Water quality is something Hach take very seriously. We know that your water analysis has to be right, which is why we’re dedicated to providing you with the complete solutions you need to feel confident in your analysis. By developing reliable, easy-to-use solutions, as well as providing you with access to knowledgeable expertise and support, …

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Huba Control A.G.

Huba Control AG is opgericht in 1945 in Zwitserland en ontwikkelt, produceert en levert componenten voor het meten van de natuurkundige grootten druk en stroming, van 1 mbar …1000 bar en van 0,5…240l/min. Onze sensoren kenmerken zich door hun veelvoud aan uitvoeringsvormen en hebben tevens een zeer goede kwaliteit/prijsverhouding. Er werken bij Huba Control ca. …

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Creating the Internet of Things for Water Infrastructure

ifm electronic

For more than 50 years ifm electronic has been active in industrial automation. In addition to component solutions for every industry, the exceptionally large product portfolio also includes complete control systems for industrial automation with links to ERP systems. You can think of: – Position sensors – Process sensors – Safety technology – Connection technology …

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Insezo is an online service management platform. Control over all digital work orders, from registration to finalisation. Collaborate with everyone in your service chain and have 24/7 control over service thanks to central and real-time insight. All processes are automated, efficient and unambiguous. All customer-, product- and service-related details managed centrally that results in valuable …

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Inter ACT BV

Inter ACT BV

Inter Act has been active in the field of industrial automation and system integration since 1989. From the year 2000 onwards, Inter Act has focused on web- and cloud-based technologies for industrial applications. These efforts have resulted in the development of the SaaS “TeleControlNet”, an universal IoT suite that offers multiple functions such as: Operating …

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We are IPCO, the specialist in pipeline products. We have been supplying products for the maintenance, repair, cleaning, expansion, testing and construction of pipelines for 30 years. As a leading company in the market, we serve a broad group of customers. These are mainly water, gas and energy companies, but our clientele also includes process …

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Koenders Instruments BV

Koenders Instruments BV

Devise and build measurement solutions. We do this with pride and pleasure. Functional measurement systems that last for years and digital solutions that allow us to make smart connections and make predictions. So that you have insight into your asset or the environment at any time of the day and can make data-driven decisions. ~ …

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Leiderdorp Instruments BV

Leiderdorp Instruments BV design, produce and sell innovative dataloggers for hydrological applications. Our product range includes dataloggers for groundwater and surface water level, EC measurements, wastewater releases, etc. The dataloggers can operate stand-alone or they can be telemetric, using the most advanced wireless technologies currently available. The products have an excellent price-performance ratio.

Mous Waterbeheer BV

De vakmensen van Mous Waterbeheer bedenken, ontwikkelen, leveren en onderhouden innovatieve oplossingen voor de watersector. We zijn actief op het gebied van gemalen, bruggen en sluizen en zorgen ervoor dat Nederland droge voeten houdt. Onze jarenlange ervaring en expertise in telemetrie, elektrotechniek, werktuigbouwkunde en civiele techniek zetten we dagelijks in voor toonaangevende projecten; van advies …

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Multi Instruments Analytical B.V.

Multi Instruments Analytical B.V. has solutions for almost all your analysis issues. we provide various on-line water analyzes. the parameters that we measure are: pH, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, ammonia, phosphate, nitrate, iron, manganese, silica, hydrazine and fluoride. In addition, we have various analyzers for measuring (bio) gases.

Munisense BV

Automated Water Management – water level and water quality Munisense offers real-time water management, that presents the measurements results in an easy understandable manner, instantly and online. Munisense’ solution offers an easy to deploy end to end system for remote water management. This covers local water level measurement and remote monitoring as well as water …

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Nidec Netherlands B.V.

Nidec Netherlands B.V.

In Sliedrecht our ambition as Nidec Netherlands is to become the best and biggest supplier of electrical drive solutions for the Dutch water market. We will do this with a great team, a wide range of products and solutions, 24/7 service without a contract, panel building, engineering and a stock of drives up to 500 …

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Nord Aandrijvingen Nederland bv

NORD produces, supplies, assembles and services all types of gear and worm gearboxes, motors and frequency inverters of absolute top quality. Each part, each motor and each frequency converter is exclusively obtained from the parent company NORD in Germany. Quality and short delivery times are of paramount importance to the NORD group. Thanks to careful …

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Observator Instruments

Observator Instruments

Since 1924 Observator has evolved to be a trend-setting developer and supplier in a wide variety of industries. From instruments for meteorological and hydrological solutions to indoor air and climate technology. Observator Instruments offers various meteorological and hydrological sensors, specially designed displays and software systems. Deliveries can range from a single sensor to the installation …

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Panasonic Computer Product Solutions, with its rugged Toughbook laptops and tablets, has for years been a reliable partner for field service companies in terms of optimising field service workers. The tablets and laptops are specially developed for mobile professionals who need to be able to work outside the normal office environment and in all conditions, …

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Pro Water BV

Pro Water BV is a wholesaler of measuring diveces for measuring all parameters in water. We represent TINTOMETER, KUNTZE, HEYL, GO SYSTEMELEKTRONIC AND LAQUATWIN


Who are PROCENTEC? Procentec are an independent Dutch company that supply innovative solutions, training and consultancy to the Industrial Automation Market. Of primary focus is the development and manufacturing of automation products for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet. As a company, we believe in network stability and therefore keep challenging ourselves to find the best, …


Qsenz B.V.

Qsenz is a supplier of online water quality measurement sensors, analysers and systems for the measurement of several parameters like TOC, COD, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate but also pH and conductivity.

REMONDIS Smart Infra B.V.

REMONDIS Smart Infra verzorgt maatwerkoplossingen op het gebied van onder meer afval-, hemel- en oppervlaktewater. Van engineering, advies en realisatie tot aan service, onderhoud en beheer. Door de integratie van pomptechniek met elektrotechniek, werktuigbouw en automatisering in eigen huis, bieden wij u een totaaloplossing op het gebied van waterbeheer. We hebben meer dan 40 jaar …

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U-F-M | Ultrasonic Flow Management “We measure flow.” That is the shortest description for what we do at U-F-M. We sell, rent and install ultrasonic flowmeters; instruments for measuring the flow rate of liquids and gases in tubes, pipes and tanks. We like to use the word ‘flow’ often. And also ‘ultrasonic”, the principle our …

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usePAT GmbH

Based in Vienna, usePAT GmbH develops and distributes ultrasonic add-ons for in-line sensors and probes in liquids. These are used directly in the industrial process and ensure consistently accurate in-line, real-time measurement data. These data are available to the process management for an optimized process control and thus an optimized allocation of resources. The ultrasonic …

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VEGA Meet- En Regeltechniek

De procesindustrie wordt steeds complexer. Met innovatieve oplossingen helpt VEGA de industrie te vereenvoudigen. Dit doen we met meetinstrumenten, die gemakkelijk te installeren en inbedrijf te nemen zijn en waarbij kwaliteit, veiligheid en betrouwbaarheid altijd voorop staan. VEGA is specialist op het gebied van niveau-, schakel- en drukmeettechniek in bijvoorbeeld drinkwater en afvalwater. Door focus …

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Vink Kunststoffen BV

Méér dan 65 jaar ervaring over het toepassen van kunststof halffabricaten en het breedste voorraadprogramma in kunststof platen, folie, staven, profielen en leidingsystemen van Europa. We leveren kunststof halffabricaten in tal van kunststofsoorten aan vrijwel alle industriële sectoren met duidelijke accenten op de markten voor de productie van signs en displays, de machinebouw, de chemische …

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VTN Veiligheidstechniek Nederland

VTN Veiligheidstechniek Nederland

For almost 40 years, VTN Veiligheidstechniek Nederland has been producing supplying and maintaining high-quality personal protective equipment that increases the personal safety of people in hazardous work situations and environments. We can rightly call ourselves a leading supplier for, among others, fire brigades, law enforcement, defense, but also for large (chemical) industries, industrial cleaning companies …

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WASYS BENELUX, Supplier of Scandinavian Professional Measuring Instrumentation, Sustainable Level, H2S (on-line) measurement, Flow, Data loggers and Pump control management with 2G / 3G / 4G or 0G IoT-SigFox (Ultra Narrow Band Radio Modulation) communication with your software management system for use in Waste, Surface and Groundwater levels as well as Level detection and Pressure …


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