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Monostore builds tanks and silos for water, liquids and bulk storage since 1985, both in reinforced concrete and in steel and stainless steel. ‘Mono’ refers to the walls that are made out of one piece (monolith) and ‘store’ refers to the storage of goods. In other words: seamless storage systems. Monostore employs its own engineers to create a durable and robust design, being cost effective at the same time. Therefore Monostore has its own unique and patented construction system by which the storage tanks and silos are built. But most of all, by employing its own workforce, Monostore is able to complete the overall project promptly and efficiently on location. Our ‘turnkey’ approach to the construction of the storage systems ensures our clients of having no worries about the responsibilities that one can encounter during these building projects. Our goal is that there is only one company responsible for the whole project, and that is Monostore! Monostore has establishments in The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

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