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QM Environmental Services Nederland B.V.

QM Environmental Services Nederland B.V.

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QM Environmental Services Nederland is active in the areas of communal & industrial waste water treatment, deodorization, soil and groundwater remediation, algae control in ponds and lakes and composting. We provide solutions that use chemical and biological products. The emphasis is on the sustainable biological solution, but if necessary, chemicals are also used to achieve a rapid effect.
Our motto is that prevention is better than too cure and that is why our solutions are often preventive. In the first instance, we often come into contact with our clients because they have an acute problem. We then prepare a curative treatment plan for solving the problem as quickly as possible. In waste water treatment this can mean that we use specific chemical flocculants. If the problem is resolved, we will switch to a program to prevent them from returning. It has been found that the preventive approach saves costs in the long term and improves the operation of systems.
Also in the field of deodorization we provide biological solutions that prevent odour formation in e.g. sewer networks or waste water buffer tanks. In addition, QM provides innovative deodorization technology that effectively neutralizes odour in the atmosphere. This Dry Vapor technology is completely environmentally friendly and safe. Th Dry Vapor technology is used in waste processing and wastewater treatment to prevent off site odour emissions.
QM supplies various microbial products and organic substrates for soil and groundwater remediation. These are used for aerobic and anaerobic remediation of mineral oils, aromatics, chlorinated hydrocarbons and many other chemicals that have leaked into the environment.
In short, QM Environmental Services Nederland is your partner in solving and preventing problems in the areas of waste water treatment, soil and groundwater remediation, waste processing and composting, surface water treatment and many other environment-related applications in water, soil and air.




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