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SPIRIT Solar Watermanagement

SPIRIT solar watermanagement

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SPIRIT solar power supply and Modderkolk Projects and Maintenance together provide a product line that allows remote measurements to be taken without connection to the network.

The solar water management product line represents a revolutionary step forward in the world of water management. This innovative system makes it possible to take measurements and adjust weirs remotely, without being dependent on the traditional energy network. This opens up a world of possibilities for water boards and water companies that increasingly rely on big data and have the need to create measuring and control points without drastic and invasive projects in nature.

The solar water management products, such as FLOW, FLUX and TWIST, use advanced solar energy technology to provide a reliable and sustainable power source, even in remote locations where access to the electricity grid is limited. This means that measuring and control equipment can be placed at crucial locations in the water system without concerns about the availability of power. The products are self-managing and functioning, ensure the most efficient energy generation and monitor the use of energy from your own system, so that energy is always available for communication.

The partnership SPIRIT solar power supply and Modderkolk Projects and Maintenance combines the expertise and experience of the worlds of stand-alone solar technology and water management (including surface water management). Thanks to the joint experience and know-how, the systems are equipped to collect accurate data on water levels, flow rates, water quality and other vital parameters. This data is then sent remotely to the control room or is available in a library to be linked to the company’s own management platform, where water managers gain real-time insight into the condition of the water system.

Water boards and water companies face the challenge of operating more effectively and efficiently at a time when climate change and population growth are increasing the pressure on our water resources. These solutions offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly contribution to these challenges. It enables organizations to improve their water management processes, save costs and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable future. It enables organizations to leverage big data for smarter and more efficient water management, while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

We aim for a more sustainable and resilient water infrastructure!




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