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Activated carbon filters




Activated carbon filters are used to capture pollution from the biogas. Activated carbon has a very large internal surface area and is therefore very suitable for adsorption. The active carbon can be impregnated with certain chemicals to increase its properties for specific applications.

– Non-impregnated activated carbon is usually used for the removal of siloxanes and VOCs (e.g. terpenes)
– Impregnated and catalytic activated carbon is mostly used for Removal of organic substances (e.g. Hg, NH3, H2S)

For optimal adsorption in the activated carbon filters, air dosage is required. Biogas Holland has selected a number of activated carbon varieties for optimal stand time and selection requirements of our customers. In addition, we perform carbon swaps ourselves and make the activated carbon filter inert before the carbon swap, transport and processing.

Biogas Holland designs tailor-made activated carbon filters.

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