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A continuous supply of seawater to an industrial facility (e.g. power and/or water producer, refinery, petrochemical plant, etc.) is critical to guarantee its full production potential. An unexpectedly high volume of biological material (e,g, jellyfish, fish, seaweed) can put production at risk by overwhelming the seawater intake screening system, resulting in a complete blockage and a trip of the plant.

To prevent this risk, H2O BFS has developed a specialist service called Bioprotect, in which we combine early warning and deterrent systems with optimisation of screening design/operation to reduce the risk of an unscheduled stoppage. Working with a unique team of experts in the field of screening, marine ecology, and seawater intake systems, we provide dedicated solutions to prevent the risk of an unplanned shutdown due to the ingress of high volumes of biological material.

The Bioprotect service is effective to guard against risks arising from:
– Schooling fish
– Jellyfish blooms
– Marine mammals
– Marine turtles
– Seaweed and Seagrass

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