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inDENSE® Improved sludge sedimentation and phosphate removal




inDENSE®: Process intensification through compacted biomass.

inDENSE® is a patented solution for continuous selection of sludge with good settling properties using hydrocyclones and promotes biological phosphorus removal. By continuously selecting the heavier sludge fraction, sedimentability is improved, resulting in a lower sludge volume index and stable performance without spring spikes.

With inDENSE®, the sludge volume index is permanently reduced, significantly increasing the hydraulic capacity of the treatment plant. The system uses hydrocyclones to select and separate higher-density sludge aggregates, while the light sludge fraction is removed for sludge processing. The underflow contains higher-density biomass that grows optimally under oxygen-free conditions.

The hydrocyclones are fed with return sludge from the post-sedimentation tanks. Hydraulic separation takes place in the cyclones with about 20% returning to the biology via the underflow. The remaining 80% will be disposed of as sluice sludge. With continuous sludge selection, the SVI will drop to a value as low as 80 ml/g and any spring peaks will be smoothed by the stable sludge sedimentation properties. With long-term application, more intensive use can be made of available tank volume in both biology and post-settling systems. In addition, inDENSE® prevents problems with sludge leaching, making it a sustainable and effective solution for wastewater treatment plants.

Advantages inDENSE®:

– Improved sludge settling capacity.
– Higher hydraulic treatment capacity
– Improved biological phosphate removal
– Compact footprint with easy integration
– Low energy consumption
– No chemical consumption

Do you have any questions about inDENSE®? Logisticon’s water specialists welcome you to stand E206 at NEXT LEVEL.


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