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Our technicians can support you in identifying and carrying out the maintenance work specifically required for your biogas plant, biogas utilisation or industrial heat systems. With an on-site visit, the entire installation is inspected thoroughly and points of attention are addressed immediately. This allows you to guarantee and increase the safety and continuity of your process.

Despite intensive maintenance, gas leaks can occur in a biogas installation. The release of biogas, and with it harmful residual products, can lead to dangerous situations. This must be avoided at all times. Leaks can occur because pipework expands or shrinks as a result of changing temperatures or seasonal influences. This can cause small openings at pipe connections, through which gas can easily escape. Our specialists use advanced gas detection equipment that is capable of detecting and visualising more than 400 different types of gas by means of so-called Optical Gas Imaging (OGI). Our inspections are carried out according to the guidelines of the NTA 8399 by gas measurement certified specialists. Preventive measuring and timely detection of leaks ensures better safety, higher efficiency and emission reduction. For more information visit www.gascamera.nl.

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