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The SOLISENZ CSZ has been developed to measure reliable TSS (dry matter) in centrate/rejection water from the sludge dewatering. The unique composition ensures that you can reliably measure the dry matter in these wastewater flows for a long time. A robust peristaltic pump ensures a continuous flow, the double automatic cleaning ensures a clean system and the ultrasonic sample conditioning* ensures that the centrate no longer contains air. As a result, the optical solids sensor measures stably within 30 to 90 seconds from the supply. The system is controlled by a PLC which can be operated very easily by the user via the touchscreen. The clear user interface gives the customer the option to adapt the system to their own installation conditions.
*patent pending
Unique Selling Points:
– High reliability
– Less maintenance
– Fast measurement response ( 30-90 seconds)
– Unique configuration, 1 integrated system.
– Unique flow design
– Innovative automatic cleaning with revolutionary ultrasonic conditioning properties
– Developed by Qsenz in cooperation with RHDHV and GMB = total solution
When the SOLiSENZ SCZ is connected to a an operating system like Aquasuite MINE, major steps can be made in optimizing the sludge line. Resulting in an optimization of the polymer dosing, Improvement of sludge dewatering etc.
– Reduced polymer consumption
– Improvement of sludge dewatering
– Cleaner return flow to waste water treatment
– Less phosphate in return to the waterline
– Communal waste water
– Industrial waste water


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