19, 20 en 21 March 2024 | Evenementenhal Gorinchem

Azzuro BV




Meet Azzurro’s smart desulfurization solution. SULFATECH is an anaerobic gas scrubber, supplemented with an aerobic regeneration unit. Designed with safety and economics in mind. First piloted in 2019, SULFATECH is used to remove H2S our of gas in “ Waste to Energy” projects and for oil refineries sweetening sour gas. The technology is fully biological and keeps the gas fully anaerobic at all times. No caloric value is lost, nor is oxygen added to the gas flow. A biological slurry is recirculated through the anaerobic scrubber, scrubbing the gas and then through the regeneration unit to be reactivated before begin circulated back into the gas scrubber. H2S removal is over 95% of the input concentration without the use of chemicals.


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