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Dacapo Stainless BV

Dacapo Stainless BV

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About Dacapo
Dacapo is a 100% family-owned business and a thriving player in the stainless steel market. Noteworthy highlights about Dacapo:
Turnover: €214 million with the best EBITDA in the stainless steel industry.
Workforce: A dedicated team of 180 employees across nine countries.
Warehouses: Our warehouses are located in Denmark (tubes, bars and sheets) and in the Netherlands (fittings).
Presence: Our headquarter is in Denmark, and we have sales offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Poland and France.
Digital focus: We prioritize tailored solutions and continuous development through our strong digital focus.
Informal tone: We maintain an informal tone of voice in our interactions with both customers and employees.





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