18, 19 en 20 March 2025 | Evenementenhal Gorinchem

De Aquanoom

Vacature Ecoloog

The ecology team at De Aquanoom is looking for a nature passionate who wants to contribute to nature conservation in the Netherlands. Watching the sun rise, digging under your nails and going into the field with a landing net under your arm, that gives us satisfaction. As an ecologist at Aquanoom, you advise clients on ecological issues, ranging from quick scans to drawing up ecological work protocols. You will ecologically supervise larger implementation projects and carry out various forms of monitoring. Camera and eDNA research are also part of your duties. The Aquanoom has developed a water quality test that gives municipalities insight into the quality of their waters, which requires various forms of monitoring, including macrofauna research, fish research, vegetation monitoring and physicochemical research. If you would like to know more about this position, read on and visit our stand!




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