18, 19 en 20 March 2025 | Evenementenhal Gorinchem

All-in-one autonomous bathymetry and water quality measurements.

All-in-one autonomous bathymetry and water quality measurements.

Total solution for measuring flow, velocity profiles, bathymetry and water quality parameters.



Hydrographic survey gives us a lot of insight into our waterways. What if this survey could be done autonomously together with measuring the water quality? Elscolab offers this total solution with a remote controlled boat (rQPOD), equipped with the Sontek HydroSurveyor (ADCP) and YSI EXO multiparameter probe.

Enter the measurement plan via Google Maps, place the device in the water and start measuring. The rQPOD itself returns with all the valuable information on flow, velocity profiles, bathymetry as well as water quality parameters (conductivity, algae, temperature, oxygen, pH, phosphate, nitrate, etc.) which you later convert in the HYPACK software to an insightful GPD-corrected report.


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