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Digitalization is a spearhead in GMB’s strategic policy. We are continuously looking for applications that allow us to work more efficiently and increase our added value for customers.

We have been using GMB MiX within GMB for a year now: an innovative platform to view 3D point clouds and 3D models in one overview for everyone in the project team, from any location and on any device. No more sending expensive licenses, heavy computers and large files back and forth, but simply and easily collaborate from the browser in the same model.

Innovation engineer Lars Hesselink is very enthusiastic about the experiences with GMB MiX: “The power is that interfaces become transparent. For example, you can see exactly how a new pipe system connects to an existing pipe system. Or how a new gas flare is installed in the existing environment. Because the platform contains both the current and future situation, you can easily and intuitively see what is coming, how it will get there and what its impact will be. Without having to fuss with renders, you can decide where and how you want to look.”

In addition, GMB MiX is also very accessible. Lars “With every device you can see what is going to be built and where. So you don’t need a powerful CAD laptop from the BIM modeler, but you can use your own tablet, Surface or mobile phone. Because GMB MiX is accessible to the entire project team, it is also widely applied. For example, the client uses it to discuss the situation with the environment or the managers, we use it during construction meetings and subcontractors can see in MiX what space there is to deploy equipment.”

Want to know more about the GMB Mix? The link will take you to a page with a video in which we show how the GMB Mix is ​​applied at the Eindhoven WWTP.


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